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Free USCGAUX Vessel Safety Checks.

Did you know that the US Coastguard Auxiliary will perform a safety check of your boat for FREE at your boat?

A USCGAUX vessel safety check usually takes just 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your boat and could save you or your family's life. Vessels passing safety checks are awarded a U.S. Coast Guard / Auxiliary Decal that informs:

  • Coast Guard / Auxiliary

  • Harbor Patrol

  • Sheriff's & Police

  • other boating law-enforcement & safety agency's

that your boat was in full compliance with all Federal and State boating laws during a safety check for that year. Best of all every Vessel Safety Check is 100% Free of charge!

Don't worry - If your boat does not pass, no citation is issued at that time. Instead, you are provided a written report in how to correct any discrepancies.

To get started on your FREE safety check - Visit United States Coastguard Auxiliary

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