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Oil Change every 100 hrs? - Yes, here's why.

As with your car, the more frequently you change your oil the better. This is especially true for your outboard motor because they work much harder than your car's engine.

Oil is your engine's life blood, and neglecting it can cause irreversible damage.

This is particularly true when your boat is unused for a period of time. Residual acids and moisture left in the crankcase can pit bearings and other vital engine parts. For this reason we recommend that you change your oil frequently and immediately before your boat is likely to be idle for a prolonged period of time.


Most engine manufacturers recommend that you change your oil every 50-100 hours (check your owner's manual for your engine's exact interval requirements). If your engine is brand new, we recommend that you change the oil once every 20 hours for the first 100 hours of operation. As your motor gets older, it requires less frequent changes as the internal parts bed themselves. For your engine's exact requirements, consult your owner's manual.

You probably already know that if you use your boat a lot, regular oil changing is a must. Did you know that if you use your boat infrequently, oil changing is even more important? This is because oil can change its makeup over time, becoming acidic and destructive to internal engine parts. Either way, oil changing is important, and your engine will not only run better with fresh oil in it, but you will extend the life and preserve the value of your boats engine. Your engine's health should not be taken lightly. Simply changing your oil regularly will pay dividends in the long run. It will run smoother, have a longer working life, and be more reliable.

Check Out Our Current Yamaha Four Stroke Oil Change Pricing!

(Oil Change service includes 5 point check of boat and motor.)

  • Switches on/off (boat switches) to check electrical system.

  • Visual inspection of motor systems.

  • Check boat fuel/water filter

  • Battery load check and water level check.

  • Visual inspection of boat wiring system.

F30-F70 Includes engine oil (20W-40 Southern blend) Oil filter. $190.00 + Tax *

F75-F115 Includes engine oil (20W-40 Southern blend) Oil filter. $200.00 + Tax *

F150-F200 (inline) Includes engine oil (20W-40 Southern blend) Oil filter. $225. 00 + Tax * F200-F250 (3.3L engine) Includes engine oil (20W-40 Southern blend) Oil filter. $230.00+ Tax *

4.2L V6 outboards Includes engine oil (10W-30 ) Oil filter. $240.00 + Tax *

VMAX SHO Includes engine oil (Full synthetic ) $285.00 + Tax *

Pricing includes labor, Yamaha oil change kit and oil disposal fees. Oil used is based on Yamaha specifications. (ie: SHO oil is full synthetic)

** Oil kit pricing is beyond our control & may be subject to change without notice based on manufacturer pricing structures.**


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