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Whether you're one of our visiting winter snowbirds tired of returning to big clean ups or a boat that won't start or you simply want to spend less time maintaining and more time boating, our maintenance packages are a cost effective way to protect your investment,  manage your maintenance costs and protect against big repair bills.  

Essentials Maintenance Package

We visit your boat monthly, complete the following maintenance checklist and send you a report of our findings and recommendations (with pictures/video, if warranted) to enable you to make an informed decision about preventive action you may wish to take.


During our visit we will;

  • Run the engine for a full 15 minutes to prevent the build up of harmful deposits that can accumulate when a boat is sitting unused. (This tends to be the most common and owner frustrating problem we're called out to fix when a boat has been unused for a while.)

  • Check the steering (grease where applicable), throttle, water flow, gauges, engine and hydraulic fluid levels. (Changes in fluid levels can indicate cracks or leaks in hoses and fittings which can become expensive repairs later on. Early detection allows you to nip small problems in the bud before they become expensive repairs that keep you at the dock.)

  • Check the batteries (charge where necessary), terminals, 12v system and perform on/off checks of all electrical equipment and lights. Visually check electrical connections for corrosion.

  • Check bilge & remove water caused by condensation/heavy rain to prevent Mosquitoes breeding.

  • Check for rodent or other pest activity such as nesting hornets or wasps - treat/remove as necessary.

  • Monthly written report.

  • No call out fee for repairs & rigging ordered during contract period.

  • 5% discount on labor rates for repairs outside of maintenance service agreement, ordered during contract period.

  • Minimum contract period - 6 months, billed monthly.

Packages start from just $125.00 per month.

**Example price based on 20ft, single 4 stroke, center console. 

Essentials Plus Maintenance Package

In addition to what's already included in our essentials package, our essentials plus package includes;

  • Free oil change. 

  • Monthly boat wash.                        

  • Monthly interior clean                        

  • Free boat inspection & written report. 

  • No call out fee for repairs & services outside of maintenance service agreement, ordered during agreement period.

  • 10% discount on advertised labor rates for repairs and services outside of maintenance agreement, ordered during agreement period. 

Packages start from just $250.00 per month.

Boat Inspection includes a full written report of our findings and recommendations for early/preventive measures. 

Computer analysis/diagnostic report. - Cylinder spark & compression. - Check operating temperature. - Oil level and condition. 

Visually inspect engine and wiring for deterioration/damage/corrosion/leaks.  - Trim and tilt oil levels & manual release valve.

Gear oil condition and level. - Battery charging voltage, fluid level & charge condition. - Fuel pressure. (fuel injected motors)
Fuel/water separator. (if equipped) - Motor mounts. - Steering arm, steering function & hydraulic fluid level. - Electrical switches & equipment function. - Inspection of battery connections & switches, harness. - Inspection of hatches and cabinet areas. - Bilge pump operation. - Hoses and through hulls. - Propeller.

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