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Our scheduled maintenance programs will help you protect your investment, spread and reduce the cost of maintenance,  avoid unnecessary repair bills and maximise your time on the water - where we know you want to be! 

Over 75% of major, unexpected repair bills are caused by a lack of routine maintenance. This is especially true if your boat is sitting unused for a period of time.


A lack of routine maintenance can reduce the value of your boat by as much as 20%.

Most of these bills can be avoided with a regularly scheduled maintenance program.

Advantages of our scheduled maintenance packages

Protects your investment - scheduled maintenance practices can increase the resale value of your vessel

by up to 20%

Protects against major clean up jobs  that can build up over periods of time when a boat is unattended for a long period.

Spreads the cost of maintenance into manageable payments.

One point of contact for all your boat service needs. We work closely with other specialists such as bottom cleaners or fiber glass repair.

Discounted labor rate exclusive to maintenance package holders only.

Protects against major repair bills - a monthly maintenance routine enables you to resolve little problems before they become big troubles.

No unpleasant surprises such as flat tires, broken lights or corroded components when you hook up your trailer to put your boat in the water.

More time on the water, less time on the dock - no waiting in line for unexpected repairs when boating season is at its best.

A post inspection report, after every visit with our findings and recommendations. 

Your boat is ready to go when you are!

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